As in the science of Ancient Ayurveda, diagnosis was based on the 3 basic Doshas, namely
As a basic guide we have identified a few characteristic that may help you identify your unique Dosha.
Answer a few short questions about yourself, to determine your unique Dosha

What is your body type?

How easily do you gain weight?

What are your eyes and sight like?

What’s your skin texture like?

What’s the texture of your hair?

What are your joints and bone conditions?

What is your digestion like?

What are your stools like?

What are your general digestive imbalances?

What’s your body temperature like?

What’s your temperament like?

What would you say are your negative traits?

What are your sleep patterns like?

What your memory like?

How are you with money and material possessions?

What subjects are you most drawn to?

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