Ancient remedies of holistic wellbeing

Our passion is to offer the world with an authentic Ceylon Ayurvedic experience by using only the finest endemic organic ayurvedic ingredients. Organically harvested from the native jungles of this mystical island of Sri Lanka, fused with the curative powers of its tropical ingredients, Térapy Ceylon is a magical potion that carries the island’s secrets to lifelong health in a delicious cup of Ceylon Tea.
We are Grounded

We are deeply rooted in our culture, history and our surrounding; our brand is a constant representation of the island nation which we come from and the ancient beliefs and practices that have earned world recognition.

We are Ethical

Our raw materials are sourced from the native virgin forests in the remote villages of Sri Lanka. Not only are we brining an uncontaminated holistic healing practice to the world’s most sophisticated consumer,we are also supporting and nurturing the rural farmers of our island nation.

We are Passionate

We care about dispersing a pure and potent variant of Ayurveda to the world. Our drive to ensure the purity of the herbs blended into our teas equips us with incomparable knowledge and experience in our avenue of business.

We are Mindful

We are acutely aware of our global consumer’s increasing need for balance and wholeness in body and spirit. Creating concoctions that help with their needs is our way of helping them navigate through life with a positive attitude with more balance, consciousness and wisdom.

We are Spiritual

We believe that our physical energy is connected to that of nature, and true wellness comes from a symbolic harmony of the two that keeps our body in balance.


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