Ayurvedic Dosha Personalities

Is your Ayurvedic Dosha leaning more towards Vata Dosha personality and do you want
to learn a little more about its characteristics? We have aimed to give a small summary
of this Dosha as well as the other Pita and Kapha Dosha personality traits in this article.
But it’s important to remember, most people lapse their Doshas between two or all three
of the Doshas. You may also go through different dominant Dosha traits during your
lifetime, based on your health, physical and spiritual status.

Vata Dosha Personality Characteristics

Physically, as a Vata Personality everyone despises your metabolism. You are able to eat whatever you want and never gain weight, but what they don’t realize is that you have a hard time in keeping the weight on or even gaining muscle and maintaining a toned body. You are naturally small boned, with prominent jointed that are prone to injuries and often crack. You are either tall enough to be a runway model or a short ballerina. Your body, hair, nails and skin, tends to be on the dry side. You may have struggle with braces as you had naturally crooked teeth growing up and you are conscious about your gums, which maybe on the thin side.

You are constantly trying to hide your dark circles under your eyes, because your skin is so thin. You rarely sweat even after a strenuous workout at the gym and you’re constantly feeling cold. You tend to experience back problems and tend to be more prone to bone abnormalities such as scoliosis or bunions. 

You are a creative person and you love arts, literature and philosophy and you like to explore the spiritual side of life. You think out of the box. At a party you are a show grabber. You talk fast and have a million ideas rolling in your head. That also means, you can never decide, on what you want to eat. You are indecisive and you keep changing your mind. Your restless mind tends to over analyze everything. You are prone to nervous system issues and suffer from conditions such as anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks.

If this sounds like you, you are more Vatta in your mind and body. You can read Pitta Dosha Personality Characteristics and Kapha Dosha Personality Characteristics to see if you may fall under a combination of the 3 dosha. 

Pitta Dosha Personality Characteristics

You step into the gym for a single workout and you’re already toned. You are the athletic type with a toned body – not too big and not too lanky.

You tend to have oily hair and may suffer from pre-mature graying or even balding at an early age. Your skin is similarly oily and you are acne prone, you blush into a rosy red. You sweat profusely and feel hot quickly which is why you want the air-conditioner on during winter. You are sensitive to the sun so you may have freckles, moles and can get easily sun burnt. You are prone to skin diseases such as rashes, rosacea and psoriasis.

You are driven. Your mind is structured and organized so you are interested in areas such as Business, Law, Finance, Fitness, Science and anything else that you can excel in. You are the dominating personality type. The big boss. You thrive in leadership roles like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Your drive can sometimes be excess and you can be known to be controlling or demanding, which also leads to you to being impatient with people. As you aim to be a perfectionist you tend to burn out fast and get adrenaline fatigue.

If this sounds like you, you are more Pitta in your mind and body. You can read Vata Dosha Personality Characteristics and Kapha Dosha Personality Characteristics to see if you may fall under a combination of the 3 dosha.

If you feel you have more of one Dosha you can be either Pitta-Vata or Vata-Pitta depending on which you can identify yourself more with.

Kapha Dosha Personality Characteristics

You gain weight just by watching someone eat. You are naturally big-boned with a round face and body. But you are glowing. You have thick beautiful moist hair; smooth baby soft skin; long elegant nails. You adapt to all climates well but you prefer warm dry weather. You have a sweet tooth. Your hands maybe cold, but you have a warm heart.

You are amazingly compassionate. You make the best teachers, guide people well in areas such as Human Resources, Nursing, Therapy and anything else that you feel you can help people in. You are a people pleaser and often put the needs of others before yourself. You are the go-to-friend in times of a crisis, because you are calm and peaceful. Your easy going nature also comes across as slow and resistant to change. You find it hard to let go of the past and get depressed very quickly. They leads to emotional eating and your weight gain.

If this sounds like you, you are more Kapha in your mind and body. You can read Vata Dosha Personality Characteristics and Pitta Dosha Personality Characteristics to see if you may fall under a combination of the 3 dosha.

If you feel you have more than one Dosha you can be either Kapha-Pitta or Pitta-Kapha  or Kapha-Vata/ Vata-Kapha, depending on which you can identify yourself with.

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