What does Virgin Soil Sourced mean?

Many of the indigenous Ayurvedic herbs are sourced from its natural surroundings as they have been for centuries and are free from commercial farmed land and chemicals. As these herbs are native to Sri Lanka they grow in abundance with little or no natural pests to harm their growth. Indigenous farmers and practitioners source these herbs and harvest them from nearby forest areas around their villages.

However, as the demand for these herbs grow, we at Térapy Ceylon know that they will start to farm the crops for easy access to harvesting and greater profits. At this point the team at Térapy Ceylon will work with the farmers to use sustainable Organic Farming with the guidance of the European Control Unit, who will invariably offer the USDA Organic Certification.  For more information read our Virgin Soil Sourcing Statement https://terapyceylon.com/virgin-sourcing/


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