About Térapy Ceylon

Are Térapy Ceylon products all Organic Certified?

Not all Térapy Ceylon products are Organic Certified as yet. The ones that are, are clearly marked on the pack and on the product shopping page before you make your purchase.

This is because, most of the indigenous herbs are harvested from natural surroundings in the way they have been sourced for centuries. They are sourced from the virgin soil. However, as our quantities grow we know that are indigenous farmers will start to farm these herbs. At this point the team at Terapy Ceylon will work with the farmers to use sustainable Organic Farming with the guidance of the European Control Unit, who will invariably offer the USDA Organic Certification. For more information read our Organic Farming Statement https://terapyceylon.com/organic-farming/

What does Virgin Soil Sourced mean?

Many of the indigenous Ayurvedic herbs are sourced from its natural surroundings as they have been for centuries and are free from commercial farmed land and chemicals. As these herbs are native to Sri Lanka they grow in abundance with little or no natural pests to harm their growth. Indigenous farmers and practitioners source these herbs and harvest them from nearby forest areas around their villages.

However, as the demand for these herbs grow, we at Térapy Ceylon know that they will start to farm the crops for easy access to harvesting and greater profits. At this point the team at Térapy Ceylon will work with the farmers to use sustainable Organic Farming with the guidance of the European Control Unit, who will invariably offer the USDA Organic Certification.  For more information read our Virgin Soil Sourcing Statement https://terapyceylon.com/virgin-sourcing/

Where are the herbs sourced from?

All Térapy Ceylon ingredients are sourced locally from local farmers and growers.

What are the quality control systems used when manufacturing Terapy Ceylon products?

Apart from common sense to ensure we manufacture the product in the most hygienic condition we as people expect, the team at Térapy Ceylon abide by a whole range of manufacturing standards and controls to ensure we cross off all the “t’s” and dot all the “i’s” in our operation. There is always something we aren’t aware of and that’s when we need professional help.

Our manufacturing process is certified by GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and meets the BRC Food Certificate standards. All ingredients we use are USA FDA approved and we have clearance from all other government foods standard requirements that we currently export to.

For safety measure we do not ship to a country unless all these requirements are met.

Are Térapy Ceylon products sustainable?

We make all efforts to ensure our products are sourced in a sustainable manner, without harmful effects to the environment. All our packaging is carefully scrutinized and checked for the most sustainable bio-degradable options available.

We do not offer convenience purely for commercially popular fads. For instance, we don’t believe that the pyramid tea bag is as environmentally friendly as the traditional tea-bag. Yes they claim to be bio-degradable but the question is, what is the duration taken for it to naturally degrade in the environment? Accordingly, the traditional tea-bag may not be as “fashionable” but it is still the most environmentally friendly option we currently have (apart from using loosing leaf, of course!) .

Accordingly, we are committed to question all our sourcing and product offering to ensure we offer the most sustainable options for you.

Are the functionality claim of the product guaranteed?

All Térapy Ceylon products have been tested by graduates from UvaWellasara University, Sri Lanka’s foremost university for indigenous studies. They have tested for their functionality and potencies. Hence all products are backed by the abstract findings developed for these studies. These reports can be found on the product page of each product under the ‘research’ tab.

However, we are unable to guarantee generic claims as metabolism, body functions, lifestyles, daily eating habits, etc differ from person to person. These products do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Online Order

How can I track my order?

Details on how to track your online order will be included in your order dispatched email. This is generally sent one to twobusiness days after you place your order. If you’ve received your order confirmation and haven’t received your order dispatched email after two business days, please let our Térapists know on [email protected]

You also can track your shipment at any time using our online tracking tool on ( https://www.aramex.com)

My shipping details are incorrect. How can I change my details?

Yaiks! Please get in touch with our Térapist on [email protected]. If your goods haven’t left our stores we can change the details. If it has been dispatched we will do our best to change the details with the courier agent and keep you posted.

I’ve received a broken or damaged item/wrong item/something’s missing from my order.

Oh no – we’re sorry to hear this! Please get in touch with our Térapists on [email protected]

Has my order gone through successfully?

All successful orders will display an on-screen confirmation message and will receive an order confirmation email. This can sometimes pop into your junk folder, so don’t forget to check that, too! If you’re unsure, please get in touch with one of our Térapists on [email protected]

Do I have to create an account to shop on Térapy Ceylon?

Not at all! If you’d prefer to shop without creating an account, you can check out as a guest.

Can I change/add to my order once it’s been placed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to add items/products once your order has been placed. If you wish to remove an item in your order, please contact the Térapy care team on [email protected], and they will do as much as they can before it’s dispatched.

I need to cancel my order

Please contact our Térapy care team on [email protected] if you’d like to cancel your order. Please note that we’re unable to cancel your order once it has been dispatched. Please see “Return Policy” for more information.

Can I put items on hold or layby?

We currently don’t offer layby or holds on our online platform, but we do aim at maintaining stock to ensure we meet demand. So when you are ready to order, please visit our online store again.

Can I order a gift card online?

Unfortunately, we don’t have this option at the moment. But that shouldn’t stop you from gifting a Therapeutic Indulgence to your loved ones. The price of the product is not included in the shipment and if you would like to include a note in the shipment, please state your message under the “Special Remarks” before you checkout.

The product I’m looking for is out of stock

If you’d like to be notified when a product comes back into stock, just fill out your details on the product description page and you’ll receive an email the moment it returns! If you need more help, please get in touch with our Térapy care team on [email protected].

Can I get some samples sent out before I buy my items?

At this stage, we’re unable to send out samples, however, we do sometimes send out testers through your orders for you to try out other Térapies we offer.

My order is a gift. Will it include an invoice or price tags?

Nope! Lots of people love gifting tea, so we make sure there is no pricing or invoice within the parcel. So feel free to gift your favourite Térapeutic Indulgence to your loved ones.

Payment & Promotions

What payment types does Térapy Ceylon accept online?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

How do I use a promo code?

Head to your shopping bag, and under your order total, enter your promo code in the box that says ‘Enter promo code’ and click ‘Apply’.

Please note promo codes must be applied to receive the qualifying item or offer and cannot be applied after the transaction has been processed.

Exchange rate Calculation

Exchange Rate Calculation

On checkout your final payment will be charged in USD. The exchange rate will be calculated by Google Currency Converter based on the date of your transaction.

Technical Issues

I’m having trouble placing my order

We first recommend that you clear your browser history and cache. We would also recommend switching from mobile to desktop. Our website works best on Google Chrome, so we recommend switching to this web browser if you can. If something’s still not right, please get in touch with our Térapycare team on [email protected] 


What delivery service does TérapyCeylon use?

All our orders are dispatched from our packing plant in Sri Lanka,   direct to you via Aramex courier  with a tracking number. We will communicate this tracking number to you after dispatching your shipment. Please read our Delivery Policy for further information.

How long does it take for orders to be dispatched?

Dispatch for your online order will be done on the same business day or the following if received afternoon IST (India Standard Time), from the time of your confirmed order.  Please note that this does not include peak periods and public holidays in Sri Lanka.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Please see our Delivery Policy for more information.

What are the international shipping/delivery time-frames?

Usually, 3-4 working days from the date of dispatch. Aramex estimates international delivery can sometimes take up to 14 days in some instances. Please note this is a guide only and may take longer in the event there is a customs processing time upon arrival at the destination. This is out of our control.

Please note that Térapy Ceylon nor our delivery partner are responsible for any deliveries that may be affected by customs, natural occurrences, transfers from Aramex to the local carrier in your country or air and ground transportation, strikes or delays, nor any extra fees, customs or back-end charges once the package has left Sri Lanka.

For more details on shipping/delivery time, please refer to our Delivery Policy.

I haven’t received my order yet

If your delivery time has passed the estimated time frame, and you are unable to track your order, please get in touch with our Care Team @ [email protected]

You also can track your shipment at any time using our online tracking tool on http://www.aramex.com

What are TérapyCeylon’s shipping costs?

Standard International courier charges are applicable.  This varies from country to country and based on the number of items you have ordered. Our order system automatically calculates the rate based on your address and volume, and will show on your checkout page before you make the payment. If you require a special delivery option, please email us on [email protected] and one of our Térapists will assist you accordingly.

How can I enjoy free delivery?

Enjoy free delivery for all online purchases over 6 units to any destination.

Where do you ship to?

We   currently   ship to the UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, USA, India and of course our own home country of Sri Lanka.

We are working on shipping to other destinations, so if we do not provide delivery to your home country please check with us from time to time or send us an email on [email protected] to see if we can do a special shipment for you.

Why do you only ship to limited destinations?

We have only recently launched the brand and have concentrated on countries that we have got local approvals for nutritional requirements, legal requirements on labeling, customs clearance and registrations, etc. We have also negotiated special rates for these destinations as we are keen to ensure value-for-money with all our purchases.

We will continue to work on offering shipping to new destinations in the future.

However, we can arrange special deliveries on a case-by-case basis. So if you would like us to ship to your country please contact us on [email protected] for a customized shipment.

Does Aramex ship to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately they don’t as Aramex is offering courier tracking service to ensure deliveries are received safely. Having said that as it is a courier service, they will be in contact with you on your stipulated contact number, so please ensure you can be reached on the number you have provided us with.

Will I have to pay duties or taxes on my order?

No GST is charged on international orders. Térapy Ceylon is not liable for any import duties, taxes or surcharges that you may have to pay on or upon delivery to your country. If you are unsure, we recommend checking with local authorities before placing your order.

Returns & Refunds

What is the Térapy Ceylon’s return policy?

Please see our “Return Policy” for more information

How do I return or exchange an item?

We want to make sure that you are 100% happy with your chosen Térapy. To make a return or exchange, please contact our Térapycare team on [email protected]. Please ensure that you have your order number.

Please read our “Return Policy” for more information.

How long will my refund take?

Please contact our Térapy care team  [email protected] if you need to complete a refund. You will receive a confirmation email once your refund has been arranged. For more information please read our “Return Policy” for more information.


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