Inspiration for Térapy Ceylon

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic science – well preserved for centuries, has cured diseases and granted longevity where modern medicine has failed.

Practiced for over 5,000 years on the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda is based on the fundamental building blocks of nature – fire, water, earth, air and spirit. This holistic science of healing restores balance to mind and body, often through the mindful use of potent herbal brews. Hidden from the rest of the world and its consumerism, this ancient healing method was practiced by native Sri Lankans who have perfected the art of healing through generations of experience.

For centuries, Sri Lanka has earned glory for the perfected brew of tea. Camellia Sinensis plantations were introduced to the island nation over 150 years ago. Since then Ceylon Tea has thrived as one of the most premium luxury beverages in the modern world, and Ayurveda tea forms an integral part of remedial therapy practiced by Sri Lankans.

Our team took upon themselves an exciting and challenging task. That is to bring about the therapeutic attributes of Ceylon Ayurveda into a delicate fusion, with the unique natural flavor profile of Pure Ceylon Tea. The success of their creative endeavors could be savoured when enjoying a cup of Térapy Ceylon Tea.

Inspired by the "Tea-drop" Island

Térapy Ceylon concept and creation was inspired by all aspects ofour islands heritage and culture. The Térapy Ceylon collection narrates the proud history and the story of Sri Lanka’s mystical healing arts. This brand brings together the island’s most sacred heritagesAyurveda and Tea.

The logo shapes the outline of the island nation we call home. Dubbed as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka takes the form of a teardrop. A Single brushstroke creates the island. The circle at the center of the logo is inspired by the chakras followed closely in Ayurveda – representing the focal energy points of the human body. In this logo, the chakras is located at the main point of our sourcing the hill country of the island.

Earning esteem for our practice in nimble hand-picked of only the finest two-leaves-and-a-bud, the illustrated tea leaves are placed within the gap of the circles to complete the outline of our island home, Sri Lanka.

The brushstroke is closely reminiscent of the ancient calligraphy styles of ayurvedic practitioners of yore.A bespoke font-type that recollects ancient Sri Lankan script; designed to mimic the Sanskrit alphabet, are the letters feature curved shapes. The artwork of on the Térapy Ceylon packaging are inspired by the ancient carvings of Lanka alone with Batik designs which are our ancient textiles.

Térapy Ceylon is


We tap into a world of unwearing belief and self-awareness with spirituality


We impart ancient knowledge on holistic health and share success stories from across the ages.


We tap into a world of unwavering belief and self-awareness with spirituality.


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