Working with Rural Communities

Térapy Ceylon works with indigenous Ayurvedic practitioners on the mystical pearl shape island of Sri Lanka to source the finest endemic heirloom ingredients that go into every cup of Térapy. “During me many travels to meet indigenous Ayurvedic practitioners in remote parts of the island, I also connected with many villages and rural communities who welcomed me to their comes and shared their knowledge of expertise. Soon saw my calling was much greater than merely marrying Ayurvedic with Tea. I saw the passion their had towards what they harvested and enjoyed their rich sustainable lifestyles. Soon many of the herbs we sourced and infused into our blends came from these communities.”

Virgin Sourced

As many of the herbs we infuse into our blends are endemic to Sri Lanka they grow in abundance in their natural habitat. Age old practices are adopted by the Indigenous farmers in harvesting these ingredients predominantly within the rural areas bordering Virgin Forests. Thus the Ayurvedic ingredients have remained the very corner stone of the lifestyles of these farmers ensuring that the product range of ingredients are most suited to serve the curatic therapeutic requirement of Térapy Ceylon. These herbs are termed as “Virgin Sourced”.

Our Commitment

The farmers we work with own their land and demand the price for all goods we purchase. As a policy we do not negotiate with them and accept market rates. We are mindful of the impact conventional farming practices have had on the environment and our local communities. The team at Térapy Ceylon is committed to working closely with these Indigenous Communities to ensure as the Térapy Project expands and grows we will work closely with them to use only organic, environmentally friendly and ethical methods to maintain the supply of these ingredients without harming the soil and environment in which their thrive on.

Our island paradise Sri Lanka, is nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, just north of the Equator. It enjoys the hot winds that blow from the Indian subcontinent from the north and enjoys the cool winds that blow from the Indian Ocean in the South. This gives it its tropical climate. The seasonal monsoon rains, diverse soil types and the three distinctive climatic conditions on the island, adds diversity in its agricultural variety and is the main driving force behind the quality and taste of our products which are harvested at altitudes ranging from 0 to 6,000 ft above sea level.