Impact & Sustainability

From how we sourced our ingredients to how we packed them, we were concerned about what our environmental impact would be with every decision we made. We want the product to be packed with a luxurious finish but still be sustainable using biodegradable material. For this we developed a truly unique “one-of-a-kind” sliding pack using Forest Stewardship Council approved material that is responsibly sourced. These papers are sourced from trees that are harvested in a process that does not result in a net loss of forest over a period of time. Forests with irreplaceable value to the environment and eco balance are identified and maintained. This accreditation also ensures the fair wages and many other ethical factors.

Our packs are 100% recyclable Our Tea Bags are made from 100% biodegradable. The are stitched and not heat-sealed which means there is not plastic that contaminates your cup. As we do not staple them either, there is no rust either. The filter paper is produced from cellulose fibers, such as abaca and a wood pulp which are by their nature compostable and biodegradable. And most importantly they are UNBLEACHED. Our filter paper may be slightly off colour and may absorb moisture from the teas but they are perfectly safe and natural and do not have any harmful chemical to make them artificially whitened. Our Envelopes carry a thin plastic film that is BPA free.


Our Promise

At Térapy Ceylon, we care deeply about the impact of conventional farming practices on the environment and local communities. As we expand our Térapy Project, we're dedicated to working closely with Indigenous Communities to use only organic, environmentally friendly, and ethical methods to source and process our ingredients. We want to ensure that we don't harm the soil and environment where our ingredients grow.

We take our environmental commitment seriously, and it extends to every aspect of our brand, from sourcing to processing to marketing. Through our partnership with Indigenous growers, we're striving to create a shift towards an organic-based range of products that upholds all ethical practices.

To further this commitment, we're pursuing certifications under The Control Union, which will certify our entire production under the Organic EU, USDA NOP, and JAS trademarks. These certifications will allow you to enjoy the pure, natural taste of Mother Nature's gifts just as she intended.