The Start of Ceylon Ayurveda

It was the year 995 BC, in a mystical pearl shaped island, sparkling under the blue skies of the Indian Ocean. Word of the island’s beauty spread far and across Asia and many a travelers journeyed through treacherous waters in search of its treasures. This captivating island fell home to the greatest of rulers. There was more to the island’s beauty. Lanka’s priceless treasures lay in the hands of what the island offered its inhabitants. Hidden deep inside the jungles, protected by the sanctuary of the caves were wise men that unraveled the mysteries of these tropical jungles.

Through ancient remedies that were passed on to them by their ancestors, they churned out the remedies of Ayurveda that healed and soothed the inhabitants of the island. These secrets continued to be passed on through the monasteries and flourished through the kingdom Lanka with the arrival of the Buddhist doctrine.

History of Ayurveda Medicine

The healing through Ayurveda has been documented for over 3,000 years in Sri Lanka. The science and practices were closely guarded and practiced by monks and protected by our ancient Kings. Many of the island’s kings too

were prominent physicians which helped this holistic medicinal life form to sustain its survival and longevity. Notably, King Buddhadasa (398 AD) was one of the most prominent physicians, who wrote the ancient Ayurveda scripture Sarartha Sangrahaya, which is still the most respected and referred to Ayurveda document used by local practitioners to date.

Along with the island’s deep routed history of endemic Ceylon Ayurveda, and our love for a golden brew of Ceylon Tea, Térapy Ceylon set out to blend these two super infusions to create the perfect health drink.