How Térapy Started?

As a second generation tea exporter from Sri Lanka, I was keen to develop a truly unique tea experience that offered the global consumer not just a great tasting cup of tea but also something that was uniquely engrained into our heritage. For generations we Sri Lankans turned to holistic brews for overall health and wellness. When we got a slight cold or a cough we turned to herbal brews such as Kothamali (boiled coriander seeds with ginger) or Paspanguwa (a 5 medicinal root brew). We enjoyed sambals made from Moringa or Gotu Kola leaves that grown in some home gardens. I was passionate to share these holistic wellness brew infused with our prized Ceylon Teas.

With this as our core passion we set out to work with indigenous Ayurvedic practitioners to help guide us on the holistic wellness of herbs. We invested years of passionate research and testing, to craft a range of truly unique products that deliver unparalleled health benefits to the global tea connoisseur. With a refined and intimate understanding of the nutritional value of tea, we realized the untapped opportunity in combining its potent powers with the ancient remedial science of Ayurveda.

Ancient Ayurveda

For Millennia, ancient medical practitioners in Sri Lanka have possessed the knowledge to heal ailments with mystical potions made of leaves, roots, herbs and flowers endemic to the island. To preserve this elusive science of life, Ayurveda was passed down from generation to generation through wisdom carefully etched on to palm leaves.

Ancient Harvesting Methods

Today, traditional practitioners from remote villages in Sri Lanka forage its tropical forests daily in search of nutritious herbs native to the local soil, in order to create potions that are known for their curative powers.

The practice of Ayurveda still thrives in the hands of the learned monks who heal pilgrims from within the walls of Sri Lankan monasteries and temples nestled deep within the tropical island’s wilderness. The indigenous Ayurveda practitioners in Sri Lanka source the most potent and fresh ingredients from the most rural areas of the island that border virgin forests to ensure the best quality of ingredients go into every cup of Térapy Ceylon.

As these are endemic herbs grown on the island, these ingredients grow in abundance and are still used in our daily lives in Sri Lanka. You can be assured that every cup of Térapy Ceylon is packed with the ancient goodness of Ceylon Ayurveda.