5 Elements of Ayurveda and its effect on your Doshas

Firstly it is important to understand that Ayurveda is not a myth or a superstitious belief or a theory nor an ancient religion. It is a holistic scientific system with an intricate inner and outer study of elements that come together to form the human body. What’s fascinating is that modern scientists studying chemistry only came to identify majority of the matter found on our periodic table only over the last 400 years. But indigenous Ayurvedic medical practitioners identified that there were 5 main elements that not only made up the universe (or the little we know of it today) but also all these 5 elements were found in our human body.

These 5 natural elements we see around us, the ones we see, feel and hear are identified as: earth,wind/air, fire, water and space/ether. These elements make up our our body, through physical or mental characteristics

 Earth is dense and grounds us
 Water is fluid and cools us
 Air is light and moving
 Space is what you can’t see but can feel. It’s your inner sixth sense. Your intuition.
 Fire is hot yet powerful.



Through the study and science of Ayurveda we use these main 5 elements to identify and construct your unique dosha based on the percentage of these 5 elements your body is made up of. In other words our physical and mental well-being is made up of the variation of these 5 elements in your body. This is why you get people that are more watery than others and others that are fierier than some.

As such in the science of Ayurveda and the ancient system of Hela Veda in Sri Lanka, based on the level of air that makes up your body, is translated to the movement of gas in your colon. Similarly, the level of fire in your body is your metabolism and your ability to breakdown or digest your food. The element of earth is your body’s fat composition. Water and the degree of water that is retained you’re your body and held within the cells of your body is your level of hydration. Space or ether is the space in your gastrointestinal tract, which is one of the key organs in your body. By understanding how these key elements come together in your body, you can understand and discover the secrets of your unique physical and emotional well-being.

Interesting these 5 elements make up the 3 key Doshas in Ayurveda – Kapha, Pitta and Vata. For moredetails of understanding your unique Doshas type take a quick Dosha Quiz.



Accordingly, the range of teas Térapy Ceylon has developed have been uniquely constructed with ingredients that combine to offer healing based on these 5 elements and catering to your unique Doshas. All Térapy Ceylon teas have been developed using ancient herbal recipes passed down through generations and still practiced by indigenous Hela Veda (Native Sri Lankan Ayurveda) practitioners in Sri Lanka. As these teas have been blended with Sri Lanka’s prized Ceylon teas, to offer you an enjoyable tea experience, the tea blends have been tested by graduates from Sri Lanka’s leading indigenous studies university.

You can enjoy a range of Ayurvedic herbal teas to offer a balanced addition to your daily wellness routine. We recommend you learn more about your unique dosha and choose a tea that will suit your body composition.

Alternatively, as all teas a completely herbal they are completely safe* for anyone to enjoy regardless of your dosha type. It is also important to remember, we are all made up of all 5 elements which also mean we all have each of the 3 doshas within us. We just have more of a certain prominent dosha than the other, which is why we may experience an imbalance in that Dosha and not the other.