Best Ayurvedic Tea Online – 4 Easy Steps on how to select

If you are looking to add a holistic routine to your daily life, Ayurvedic Teas are a great and easy place to start. Holistic wellness is an overall wellness regime that can help you maintain and boost your natural immunity and live a happy and healthier life. Unlike in modern medicine which only provide a cure for an ailment, Ayurveda focuses on prevention on sicknesses. Coupled with the escalating medical costs, holistic living has grown in popularity.

Here are a few quick guidelines on how to select the best Ayurvedic Tea Online.

Place of Origin of your Ayurvedic Tea

Ayurveda was originated in the Indian subcontinent and Archeologists have evidence that this form of holistic medicine was practiced as far back as 5000 years ago. The science spread to neighboring regions such as Nepal and Sri Lanka, where its own version of Ayurvedic science was practiced and flourished. As the knowledge of Ayurveda was not documented in its entirety and was passed down from generation to generation through practice and training, the most pure form of Ayurveda is still practiced by native practitioners in these regions. Hence, it is best to opt for a brand or product that is developed and produced in the Indian sub-continent. 

Accreditations of the Ayurvedic Tea

Ayurvedic medicine went underground over the last few centuries, with the colonial presence in the Indian Sub-continent region. Many of the science may have been lost, but a fair bit were preserved and practiced in local villages and monasteries, and passed down from generation to generation. However, as western medicine discredited this holistic wellness science in order to protect its own popularity, many of the medicine is still medically unproven, despite having evidence of healing powers that extend over centuries.

Hence, there’s no way to opt for an Ayurvedic Tea that is medically accredited but you can counter the authenticity of a brew by researching the ingredients used, developing your own knowledge on the science, understanding your own holistic wellness requirements, etc. What is important to know is that all Ayurvedic Teas are 100% herbal and are completely safe with little or no side effects. However, if you so suffer from medical complications and/or is sensitive to certain herbs, its best to consult your doctor before. 

Your Ayurvedic Dosha

There are three many Dosha’s in Ayurveda which is best described as energies that are present within one’s body and mind. Maintaining the balance of each of these doshas allows the body’s system to work effectively. The 3 Ayurvedic  Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha and all of these Doshas can be found in everybody, but different people have more of some Doshas than others – this determines a person’s constitution and will be your own unique Dosha type. Finding out what your unique Dosha type is an important step forward when you are opting for a holistic wellness program. To find out your unique Ayurvedic  Dosha, answer a few questions by taking our online Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz. You can almost consult your local Ayurvedic practitioner for a more detailed diagnosis. 

Once you know what your unique Ayurvedic  Dosha is you can then select Ayurvedic Teas and opt for foods that are more suited to your body’s constituency for optimal health and wellness. As a rough guide, here are a few basic descriptions of the 3 Dosha Types:



Vata is the dosha of movement and is made up of air and ether elements. Air gives it characteristics such as mobility and dryness, while ether makes it subtle and light. It is the most important Dosha in the body and mind, as it is the force of all movement (such as blood circulation) and sensation. The main seat of Vata is the Colon.  



Pitta is the dosha of transformation and is made up of the elements fire and water. It takes on the characteristics of heat and sharpness from fire, and fluidity and oiliness from water.In the body, Pitta is the source of transformation (such as digestion) and provides internal heat. The main seat of Pitta is the Stomach and Small Intestine. 



Kapha is the dosha of substance and is the Dosha of earth and water. Kapha infusion of the earth and water elements gives it the characteristic of heaviness and stability. It gives the body strength, substance, cohesion, lubrication, immunity and cooling. It is also responsible for healing. The main organs for Kapha dosha is the Chest and Stomach.


Specific Body Ailments

Although Ayurveda is a holistic science and aims at offering overall health and wellness, there are many Ayurvedic herbs that are specifically used to balance toxins in the body that create and imbalance and cause ailments in our body. For centuries, ancient Ayurvedic practitioners in India and Sri Lanka have developed specific concoctions, remedies and teas to provide relief on a range of ailments and cures. The cures are endless. From remedies to provide relief from a common cold to assisting victims of snake bites, these ancient doctors have found advanced cures through centuries of tried and tested formulas. 

If you are looking to address a specific ailment in your body, there are a range of options. Read the functionality of the product and study the ingredients.

Many Ayurvedic Tea brands today are not tested for their functionality claims and are fairly generic and may not address specific ailments, so it’s important to read through the research and testing process that have been carried out on these products. However, it is also important to understand that Ayurvedic teas are herbal and safe and have little or no side effects.

Below are a few simple everyday ailments Ayurvedic Teas can assist you with:

Ayurvedic Detox Teas – There are many known and proven herbs and spices used in Ayurveda that assist in the process of general Kidney and Stomach detoxing and cleansing. For centuries, Ayurvedic practitioners in India and Sri Lanka have healing patience of their bodily toxins through effective use of herbs such as Belimal, Turmeric and many other. There are a range of tropically founds herbs and spices that are effective and various forms of cleaning of the internal organs.

The core Ayurvedic teaching is centric around the principal of health is balance. One of Ayurveda’s key healing organs in the Gut, or Agni (Fire) is part of the 4 main components which must be a state of harmony with one another for optimal health. The main form of Agni is the body’s digestive fire. Healthy Agni allows food to be digested so that strong tissues can be formed. It also prevents the build-up of Ama, undigested food that acts as a toxin and leads to disease. Using the right mix of Ayurvedic herbs and remedies to cleanse and detox your system can ensure a health and vitalized Agni for optimal health.

Ayurvedic Slimming Teas – As per the benefits for detoxing your system, Ayurveda identifies the need to ensure your body’s fatty tissues are broken down and your metabolism is kept healthy, which in turn ensures your balance in Agni and Ama is maintained. So if you are concerned about your weight and is looking for an effective Slimming Tea to assist you with your Weight Loss regime a good and effective Ayurvedic slimming Tea can help. Herbs such as GarceniaCambogia have shown proven effectives on in the management of Weight Loss and have been used by Ayurvedic Practitioners in Sri Lanka for generations.

Ayurvedic Cold Relief Teas – Many locals in Sri Lanka still opt for Ayurvedic Herbal Teas at the first signs of any common cold, flue, and sore throat related illness. A simple herbal tea of boiling coriander seeds with ginger known as GinguruKothamaliis the first go-to remedy. Similarly, there are a range of tried and tested Ayurvedic Herbal Teas that are a great solution to offer soothing relief. You can read the description of the products and choose a blend that will offer you the relief you need. You are also spoilt for choice, as many Ayurvedic Tea products come in your favorite flavor.  



Ayurveda Immunity Boosting Teas – Similar to the Ayurvedic Teas that provide instant relief against ailments such as colds, coughs and sore throats, there are many Ayurvedic herbs that have been used for centuries that assist in boosting the body’s immunity. In the West there is a huge trend towards the regular consumption of Echinacea to assist with Immunity Boosting. Similarly there are many herbs that are far more potent and have been used by Ayurvedic Practitioners in India and Sri Lanka. Herbs such as Kalanduru (CyperusRotundus, also known as Nut Grass) is traditionally used in Ayurveda to treat conditions of Common Colds, Fever, Sore Throats or Coughs and Asthmatic conditions. It’s known to have potent effects of boosting your immune system naturally by strengthening the respiratory system. The power effects of this “Super” herb has not yet come to light in Western Media as yet but we are certain it will gain its due recognition in the near future. 

Ayurveda Calming and Relaxing Teas – Sleep in that period of relaxation essential to all life forms when our physiological process and responsiveness to external stimuli drastically reduces. For humans, sleep allows a restoration of our biochemistry that crucially includes the equilibrium of our immune system (the manufacturer of white blood cells) and the constant update of our brain’s neural network as it assimilates new experiences and reformulates our personality. Ayurveda identified the importance of this basic human function and had developed remedies that assisted the minds spiritual calmness. From herbal concoction to meditation and yoga were a core-element in assisting the body’s sleep and relation function. 

Energy Boosting Ayurveda Teas – Energy can be seen in many ways, but its basic manifestations will be kinetic, potential or internal. Each manifestation of energy constantly changes its various states at vastly different rates. The themes of transformation and interaction are shared in some capacity by both Prana and Chi and is identified through this ancient Science of Ayurveda, dating back to over 3000 years. To combat and provide the necessary elements for boosting of energy in a person for everyday tasks, Ayurvedic practitioners had identified a range of herbs and spices that assisted in just this area. There are many well documented herbs that boosted the body’s energy levels and are completely caffeine free. Spices such as Fennel Seeds and Cumin Teas are a popular everyday brew used widely throughout Sri Lanka and can make a great pick-me-up for your day that is completely safe to consume throughout the day.

Multi-Vitamin Ayurvedic Teas – The need to have additional vitamins and minerals to supplement your daily diet too have been recognized in ancient Ayurvedic medicine and many “Super” herbs, spices, roots and fruits have grown in popularity in western wellness journals as a safe natural alternative to western vitamin supplements. You can easily and safely add a vitamin boost to your daily wellness routines now with the availability to of a range of Multi-Vitamin supporting teas available in the market. Herbs such as Moringa and Gotu Kola are 2 extremely popular options and are both steeped with potent vitamins and minerals.



Térapy Ceylon Ayurvedic Teas aim at offering consumers a potent everyday range of teas that are tested and catered to the growing health needs of today’s hectic lifestyles. Many of the tea brews that are blended and packed under Térapy Ceylon are enjoyed by locals in Sri Lanka and have been tried and tested for generations. We are confident these teas can be a rewarding addition to your daily wellness routines. 


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