Looking for the Best Ayurvedic Tea?

It isn’t any surprise, with the current Covid-19 pandemic that more and more people are turning towards tried and tested ancient holistic remedies. With little or no side effects, these 100% natural herbal remedies, have cured ailments and diseases for centuries in the Indian subcontinent.

As there are many Tea brands that are offering Ayurvedic infusions, finding the right combination to suit you, can be a daunting task. For starters, many of the Ayurvedic herbs and remedies, focus on detoxification. Detox Teas that cleanse and purify your digestive system in the most basic of health benefits you can expect from almost any Ayurvedic Tea. This is because the core science behind Ayurveda is based on inner holistic balance of one’s mind, body and spirituality. Toxics held within your digestive system, is the main and first point of focus. Hence, many of the herbs and blends, will invariably have an ingredient that will just do that.

Weight loss through this natural process, will be another benefit, you will have with most Ayurvedic Tea blends. Once again, the elimination of toxins within your system, will automatically lead to a better metabolism, have calming/soothing effects, which are all the foundation to helping the body naturally lose weight. These blends are specially formulated to gently and naturally cleanse and purify your digestive tract and there by detoxifying your whole body, while assisting you experience a natural weight loss.


As many of the Ayurvedic Tea remedies and blends are all natural ingredients they are perfect for those with a sensitive systems and are known to have a little or no side effects. So they are perfect for everyday wellness and total holistic health care.

So how do you choose an Ayurvedic Tea that is perfect for you?

 For starters, reach out for Teas that are Organic. If you are going to focus on cleansing your system the last thing you want is more toxins with your cleanser. In Ayurveda, there are many herbs that are harvested directly from the wild and some aren’t commercially farmed. These are positive aspects of these wonder herbs, and is why our fore-fathers had used them in their ancient remedies, in the first place.

 Understand your unique Ayurvedic Dosha. Ayurveda focuses on the 5 basic elements of energy that make up the entire cosmos. Everything in the universe is believed to be a composition of these 5 Elements including our human bodies. These elements, based on their energies, and then grouped into Dosha’s which affects and influences our constituency and reaction to the environment around. For more information on Ayurvedic Dosha’s, please refer to “How does Ayurveda Doshas work” 

 Accordingly, find out what your unique Ayurvedic Dosha is. For a basic guide, answer a few question on our Térapy Ceylon Dosha Quiz This will only give you a basic guide to your body’s unique chemistry, apart from being a fun quiz to do. But remember, your Dosha will change throughout your life, based on your lifestyle, diet, stress levels and spirituality, etc. So be mindful of this and check your Dosha regularly.

 According to your stronger Dosha, there’s a range of Ayurvedic Teas that are more suited for you. You can read more about foods and diet that are more likely to provide you a better holistic balance and that are suited to your unique digestive patterns. All Ayurvedic Teas are completely safe, even if you opt for an alternative variant based on your mood requirement or functionality, as they are completely natural.

 You can also opt for an Ayurvedic Tea that suits your body’s chemical balance. These Ayurvedic Herbal Teas can be your quick and easy gateway, to a holistic natural lifestyle. These wellness teas can either be selected based on the functionality you are looking for; such as relaxation, sleep and calming, general wellness, daily multivitamin booster, immunity boosting, weight related, or most specific ailments such as maintaining of Cholesterol levels, Diabetic Teas, Kidney Cleansing Teas, and more.

Regardless of what your requirement and wellness goals are, Herbal Teas are a fantastic start to your day and can be the perfect relaxant throughout your day.