What you should to know about Ayurvedic Tea and it’s benefits

As the holistic science of Ayurveda is spoken within many wellness circles, you may have heard about the miracle benefits of Ayurveda Teas and how well these teas offer a complete balance to your daily life. Just a cup of Ayurveda Tea a day could make a difference and guide you through to a healthier routine. It is important to understand that Ayurveda is not just a theory or some new claim, but an ancient well researched and documented ancient medical science. Sadly, the documentation is in Saskrit, an ancient language that is now being deciphered by many scholars and institutions.

But the practice of Ayurveda medicine and the treatment has been practiced in our homes in Sri Lanka for generations and the effects and benefits are remarkable. As many of the remedies and treatments are herbal there are very little side effects.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is simply the ‘Science of Life’, as translated from Sanskrit. Unlike western medicine that treats the symptoms of a patient, Ayurveda focuses on treating the holistic body of the patient by treating their body, mind and spirit. Originally practiced in India over 5000 years ago, it is recognized as the oldest medical science in the world.

This medical practice spread to neighboring Sri Lanka, where ancient indigenous practitioners developed and studies their own form of Ayurveda known as Hela Veda, using endemic plants, roots, herbs, spices, etc.


What is Ayurvedic Tea?

what is ayurvedic tea

Ayurvedic Tea is one of the many remedies used in the treatment of Ayurveda. It consists of variety of Herbal medicinal teas that offer curative solutions for their general well being. Ayurveda Teas are one of the main ways to offer long term health and wellness. As mentioned Ayurveda offers a cure on a holistic basis and not a ‘quick-fix’ to address a particular symptom.  Hence these herbal teas are one of the best ways to maintain holistic wellness by consuming them daily.


Every day Ayurveda Teas for wellness

With ancient remedies that was passed down to us from generation to generation, the team at Térapy Ceylon set out to develop these herbal curative remedies as an ‘easy-to-use’ everyday tea. Over many years of research and testing, we worked with indigenous Ayurveda practitioners to develop a range of herbal wellness teas that is safe and easy to use at home.


Here are some great Ayurvedic Teas you should try at home:

  • ImmunTea by Térapy is an excellent immunity boosting everyday tea. Made by using local indigenous herbs, sourced from virgin forests as they have been harvested for centuries, is a time-honoured immunity supporting tea. Made with Organic Ginger and Lemongrass, this Ayurvedic tea also includes the native herb of Kalanduru (Cyperus Rotundas), which helps activate T-cell renewal. This helps the production of antibodies and interferon that is known for blocking viral infections in your respiratory tract.
  • A powerful herbal tea to help improve respiratory conditions is Therapy’s Peppermint Boost Tea. Apart of packed with reviving Organic Ginger and Lemongrass that will soothe and offer relief to your cold symptoms, it is also packed with the ancient native herb of Venival. Venival is a local herb that is a part of the Echinacea herb family, has been brewed and drunk by many local is rural villages in Sri Lanka even today. Its immunity boosting effects are multifaceted but most importantly the refreshing peppermint notes are sure to offer the perfect relief.
  • Reviving Ginger and Honey is a traditional Ginger and Honey herbal tea that is an age-old herbal tea brew that helps to relax bronchial muscles and help relieve respiratory conditions. Infused with the curative powers of traditional Echinacea, it is a perfect herbal tea to enjoy during the winter flu seasons.
  • The multifaceted, highly acclaimed 100% Organic Moringa Power Tea by Térapy is an overall multi-vitamin tea. It is excellent for an everyday tea to be enjoyed year round. It is a slightly bitter-tasting tea but once your taste buds acquire a taste for this medicinal herbal drink, it will offer you a wealth of healthy balance to your everyday life.
  • The calming blend of 100% Organic Chamomile and Lavender herbal tea is a perfect relaxing tea to calm your senses during your hectic schedule. Cozy Chamomile by Térapy is perfect not just at the end of the day or as a bed-time tea but also to help you relax during the day. As Ayurveda focuses not just on your body but your mind and spirit, it recognizes the importance of maintaining spiritual calmness that leads to a healthier lifestyle.



These Ayuvedic Teas offer a perfect balance to your daily diet and wellness routines. Térapy teas are packed with overall goodness and can be easily enjoyed at home or while on the go. Inspired by ancient medical teaching and remedies passed down by our ancestors, these teas will not only help boost your immunity but will boost your energy, help you relax, detox and assist with your daily digestion.